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OVINEX® is Type I and III hydrolyzed collagen, the same collagen that found in human bones and skin. OVINEX® is a high purity natural product containing more than 98% protein, supplied in a form of spray- dried powder that can be easily digested and absorbed by the human body.

Australia is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture as the only nation with disease free sheep. Australia is a large continent that is geographically isolated. Australian sheep that have been effectively quarantined from every known disease. Our sheep skin source is certified Australian and hence, disease free.


OVINEX® is manufactured with patented Australia technology and several proprietary processes. OVINEX® is derived from mammalian origin which is the sheep skin. The enzymatic process is rigorously controlled to obtain a precise degree of hydrolysis, achieve the optimum molecular weight and have the finest organoleptic properties.

Collagen sources and their characteristics

What Is Collagen ?

Collagen is the most common protein found in the human body. It is the main component of connective tissue and is the most abundant protein in mammals, making up 25-35 percent of total protein.

It is found in:

  • hard tissue (ligaments, tendons)
  • soft tissue (skin, intestine)
  • structural tissue (bone, inter-vertebral disc)

The protein of collagen reduces as we age. Our bodies lose collagen at a rate of about 1.5 percent per year from the age of 25. This means when we reach 45, we would have lost 30 percent of collagen. Today, with the growth of anti-aging medicine, there is tremendous interest in collagen.