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Emulin Frequently Asked Questions

What is Emulin®?

EMULIN® is the world’s first “carbohydrate manager.” The actives in EMULIN® help your body overcome the negative effects of carbs in natural and holistic ways.

It is an all-natural patented blend of 3 ingredients – skin of the grape, skin of the onion and green coffee (caffeine free) that work in synergy to significantly reduce the negative effects of carbohydrates, giving sustained energy throughout the day.

It was developed by Dr. Joseph Ahrens – a two-time Nobel Prize nominee. He often says that if EMULIN® was discovered 50 years ago it would have been classified as a “vitamin.”

Modern day food processing has stripped “EMULIN®-like compounds” from our diet. These need to be added back by supplementation — 750 mg of EMULIN® effectively provides this.

What is Emulin® ?

The formula that Dr. Joseph Ahrens has been working on for 12 years has just gotten even better, with an additional 4th ingredient – Gallic Acid – a powerful polyphenol abundantly found in Nature but largely removed by food processing. Gallic Acid works in synergy with the other 3 ingredients making the Emulin®  formula even more powerful.

Based on a growing body of scientific evidence, this formula will work faster, better, and more importantly, deeper, not only to help your body better manage carbohydrates but also quell the “silent inflammation” linked to excessive carb intake over time.

What is the dosing guide?

750 mg per day. For Emulin® C and M it’s 250mg per capsule. You need to take 3 a day. Emulin® E is 375mg per capsule. You need just 2 capsules a day.

What is Gallic Acid?

This polyphenol is found in almost all plants. It is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Plants that are known for their high Gallic Acid content include gallnuts, tea, hops, grapes, and oak bark.

Gallic Acid has a very long history of use for human health. Indeed, it has been recorded since the time of Hippocrates.

It is an organic acid found in a variety of foods and herbs that are well known as powerful antioxidants. Blueberries, walnuts, apples, flax seed, and tea all contain Gallic Acid. It is also found in gall nuts, sumac, witch hazel, watercress, oak bark, and a variety of other plants and herbs. Gallic Acid is also found as part of tannins, which are astringent, bitter plant polyphenols found in tea and coffee

Could I be sensitive or allergic to Gallic Acid?

Since it is so abundant in Nature and found in tea, coffee, and practically all fruits and vegetables, it is unlikely that people will be sensitive or allergic to it. As it is found everywhere, it is totally safe and does not interact with medicines. It is safe for all people, and in all phases of life.

Emulin Side Effects 

Are there known interactions with EMULIN® E and drugs?

EMULIN® E is made of substances that are found abundantly in Nature. In fact, the actives on EMULIN® E should be part of your daily diet. As such, there should be on interactions with known drugs. However, you are advised to consult with your doctor for specific medicines.

How about interaction with blood thinners?

We would not recommend that those on warfarin take EMULIN® E. However, there no negative interactions with other blood thinners based on studies involving the actives of EMULIN® and the experience of our users. Nevertheless, we would recommend that you talk to your doctor.

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